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Brothaspeak Podcast

Brothaspeak Podcast is a weekly podcast where we interview the innovative, the daring, and the bold providing informative topics for people of color within LGBT.

Aug 28, 2017

On this Brothaspeak Podcast episode, we discuss the issues and why LGBGTQ people of color have difficulty meeting. Our guest is Shaka Has (Relationship Blogger) & Lamont Scales (Owner of a Better Way To Meet).

Lamont Scales (Owner of A BETTER WAY TO MEET)

A Better Way To Meet is a professional matchmaking service for gay and bisexual men in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The service was established to address the difficulties associated with making high-value, personal connections in the modern dating environment. 

A Better Way To Meet consultants arrange one-on-one meetings between compatible singles at fun, out-of-the-box venues throughout the city. BWTM works with clients to prepare them for each date and ensure they put their best foot forward.

Phone: (404) 600-1101



Shaka Hasani (Blogger of Get Your Love Life)

Get your Love Life Blog is a forum born out of Shaka Hasani's experiences, the experiences of his friends, and the questions, answers and dialogue that our communities face. The blog is a journey that ponders the many aspects of dating and give you solutions of how to overcome the difficulties you may face.




  • Second Dates
  • Getting Out there
  • Social Media
  • The 3 principles


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