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Brothaspeak Podcast

Brothaspeak Podcast is a weekly podcast where we interview the innovative, the daring, and the bold providing informative topics for people of color within LGBT.

Oct 14, 2017

On this episode of Brothaspeak Podcast, we talk to author David Christel on his book Married Men Coming Out: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Man You Were Born to Be. David breaks down some of the chapters, and the emotional roller coaster every married man faces in finding their truth.


  • Disclosing to spouse and children
  • Religion's stance on homosexuality
  • Dealing with friends
  • Being outed
  • Custody issues
  • Political action
  • Types of gay people
  • Homophobia
  • Dating again

David Christel - Author 

David Christel has worn many creative hats during is career. Starting off as a dancer in New York which then lead him to become an expert in computer-based training, to facilitating therapy groups, and working for large corporations and the military. This creative journey has lead David to a love of writing. Ghost writing books for numerous people since 1995, David Christel has kept one focus in sight and within his heart...making sure the subject must somehow uplift humanity. In this book Married Men Coming Out: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming the Man You Were Born to Be completely crosses all cultural boundaries and aims to provide a much needed road map for many men struggling to achieve their truth. 

Married Men Coming Out! is available on Amazon (soft cover and Kindle versions):

Twitter: @DAChristel




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